Enveloc - Secure Offsite Backups

Drive & System Imaging*
Create a block level replica of a single drive or your entire system. Recover from a failed hard drive or an office blown away.
Multiple Versions
Enveloc backs up only the changed parts of certain documents. Need to see how a file looked 3 revisions ago? No problem.
Outlook & Exchange Agents
No .PST files here. Enveloc backs up your new emails, contacts, and calendar items without sending the entire message store every night.
Encryption & Compression
All backups are lossly compressed (Gigapress), encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption, and wrapped in Triple DES before transmission.
WireBack is Enveloc’s data archiving feature, capable of creating self-expiring backups both on and off site with unparalleled flexibility.
Open File Access*
Utilizing Volume Shadow Services, Enveloc can back up open and in-use files in an active production environment without interruption.
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