Low Voltage Wiring

cable_managers_IMG_3Increase the performance of your computer network, audio/video products and telephony network with properly installed low-voltage wiring. We offer solutions for all your low-voltage wiring requirements including Ethernet cable, coax cable, telephone wiring, fiber or audio/video wiring. We are highly experienced and our professional service team provides installation and consulting services for your low-voltage wiring projects. In addition, we provide ongoing guidance in running your computing network and audio/video systems smoothly to expedite return on investment.
Whether you are installing a wired office network, wired home network, home theater wiring, video surveillance package, wireless network , or optimizing an existing network in your home or business we provide ongoing support that covers service and support of your network equipment. Our easy, straight forward process and affordable prices have allowed Omni to exceed our customer’s expectations and continue to build priceless business relationships with small business owners and.residents in our local area.