Virus Removal

Our Virus Removal Service will solve any combination of adware/spyware symptoms you are experiencing.

Symptoms Consistent with Adware/Spyware Problems:

  • Annoying pop-up ads that are driving you insane.
  • Email is seemingly populated with SPAM from people you have never done business with.
  • Internet Browser keeps launching websites you are not actually going to.
  • Your computer seems to have slowed down to a crawl.
  • Your system is freezing up for unknown reasons requiring multiple reboots to get anything done.


More Severe Symptoms Consistent with Virus Problems:

  • Continuous Virus Warnings as depicted in the photo above.
  • E-Mail keeps getting bounced back or you see evidence of emails being sent without your knowledge, then it’s possible that Trojan or Spamware has found its way onto your computer. Spamware is a Trojan that can turn your computer into a spam launching pad and create headaches for unknowing computer users, especially if a virus is sent. Even if your computer is not being used to send spam, Trojans can steal a copy of your e-mail address book and send it back to a spammer.
  • Noises, Bells and Whistles: Trojans have been known to cause CD drives to open and shut, programs to open and close and your hard drive to go whirling away when you’re not doing anything.
  • Is there an unknown icon in your Windows system tray (lower right corner of your screen)? If you have an external modem, there may be lights indicating data transfers blinking when you’re not doing anything online. These are all signs a program may be up to no good in the background.
  • Offline symptoms can include keyboard loggers which can capture passwords and user names, so if the bank, brokerage or credit card accounts you access online appear to have been tampered with, your computer may be a place to start looking for clues. Usernames and passwords to email and Web-based applications are also vulnerable..